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About The JOLI Reading Program

The Joli Reading Program evolved through the passion of two junior primary teachers who were driven to find a way to enable children to feel success in reading. Neither teacher was happy with the reading content available within our schools and therefore decided to write their own program.

This program has been developed over the past six years and as we are prolific writers will continue to develop further. The program has a very structured approach with each reading sheet being repetitive and with the language building gradually to provide the children with confidence when reading.

The program is structured to cover the basic sight vocabulary in a sequential and ordered way around a high interest story. The nouns are introduced early, as they are necessary to form a story. The program consists of reading sheets, plus sentence, grammar and comprehension activities suitable to each level. In this way providing a completely rounded program from which children can only benefit. In fact we have found since using the program ourselves than no children are failing to learn how to read and also that no child can slip through the net and not be identified for special assistance when required.

One of the key factors of the programs success is the self-esteem it gives the children of being able to successfully read. Parents have also expressed their delight at the speed and interest their children have in reading.

The success of our program has been outstanding, with some children in year one (6 year olds) being able to read independently with confidence and with excellent comprehension skills. All children learn the basic words quickly and with their increasing knowledge and confidence they cannot wait to read each day. The enthusiasm and level of interest is a pleasure to observe and makes the teaching of literacy rewarding.

Our continued success with the program has influenced other teachers, schools in individual parents to purchase the program. These teachers are now achieiving similar results to ours and are sharing the rewards of seeing children achieve success in literacy.