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The Red Series of the Joli Reading Program is the first one written and is most suitable for the majority of students in any classroom. The content varies in the different levels although the language builds consistently throughout. Upon completion of the series most students are reading and comprehending enough language to be able to read independently.

The Blue Series of the Joli Reading Program was written to cater to students who move quickly through the levels. It has a focus towards boys but is suitable for all students. The content has some complex activities that encourage  higher order thinking skills. This series while introducing basic language and helping to develop good comprehension skills provides students with the opportunity to problem solve, learn about Australia and extend their learning to incorporate various forms and genres of literacy. Upon completion of this series the majority of students will be able to undertake many aspects of technology based literacy.

The Green Series of the Joli Reading Program is the most recently written and follows the lives of new arrivals in Australia. The language is consistent with each level building on the previous one. There are many illustrations to assist students with learning the words and the comprehension and grammar activities progress more slowly. This series is very suitable for students who have difficulties comprehending what they read. It is also a good series for students with limited English language skills. There are a series of cards with both pictures and words which can be used to reinforce newly introduced words.

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Information for Educators

The Joli Reading Program is a program that introduces all the 200 most commonly used words necessary to help children with reading. Any teacher could walk into the classroom with this program and begin teaching.

All the hard work is done for you.

There are:

  1. Clear instructions at the beginning of the reading program
  2. All newly introduced words at the conclusion of the program
  3. All new vocabulary clearly listed
  4. Achievement certificate at the conclusion of each level

From the beginning of the Pre-reading through to the conclusion of the series the text is interesting and informative, enabling children to develop positive, comprehensive reading skills.

The text is easy for children to relate to. It is repetitive, with an interesting text, which gradually develops and builds language skills. There are many ways to use the program and although simple instructions are included many teachers choose different approaches. It accommodates all styles of teaching and methods of presentation.

In the lower levels the text and activities are success orientated, allowing children to achieve positive results. The activities initially take only a few minutes to complete and each one builds on the previous.

As the children progress through the levels the text becomes more complex and informative. The comprehension sheets provide open-ended questioning and the grammar and activity sheets are alphabet and dictionary based. There are also written language components enabling children to develop good spelling habits, sentence structure and grammar skills.

Upon completion of the series the majority of children are confident, comprehensive readers with a wide vocabulary and good written language skills.

There are no other programs like this available. It is because of a need the program was written and since it has been developed by two junior primary teachers, it is very relevant and age appropriate for young children.

The program is also very suitable for students with additonal learning difficulties providing a solid language base that consistantly builds new knowledge. Students are able to proceed at their own pace with confidence and understanding.