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Comprehension Cards – Level 3c




Comprehension cards level 3c are stories with colour coded sentences. There is a writing component with answers taken from the text.

Comprehension and Missing Words Level 3c  In this level the sentences are colour coded in this way assisting students to understand sentence structure and paragraphing. There are several sentences with a series of questions requiring answers. These cards increase student comprehension in a fun and active way.

These cards are excellent for students who are fast finishers. They can be used independently and are a good way to ascertain understanding and consolidation of sight vocabulary. They are vital to help children answer infernal questions from a text. Children love doing them.

  • Comprehension cards can be used over and over again.
  • Laminate them and save on paper. Children write the answers in a book, in this way enabling teachers to check and mark work.
  • The cards provide an excellent way to show parents what children understand in their reading.

Alternatively children can write on the laminated cards using overhead markers.