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Comprehension Cards – Transport Level 1a




Comprehension cards Level 1a are based around a transport theme. The questions are yes or no answers. There is also a writing componentThe work cards were developed because of our firm belief that children must understand what they read. It develops thinking skills and gives the text meaning and purpose.

Work cards assist students with understanding what they are reading. At the top of the card is a small amount of information, followed by several questions. Finally there is an explanation to write and a drawing to do. Level 1a has a transport theme. It comprises of yes and no answers and has a writing component.

These cards are excellent for students who are fast finishers. They can be used independently and are a good way to ascertain understanding and consolidation of sight vocabulary. They are vital to help children answer infernal questions from a text. Children love doing them.

We have used the cards as guided reading activities, while working with another group undertaking reading. Instead . The reading cards have a purpose and direction.