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JOLI Learn to Read Program

The Joli Reading Program is a unique reading program that incorporates reading, comprehension and grammar activities in a complete package. The introduction of new words is in a structured sequential order, which is reinforced in each consecutive sheet. There are 10 levels starting with pre-reading continuing through to an advanced level 9 where children are reading confidently and independently using higher order problem solving skills. Each level can be purchased independently or for added value the complete series.

The Joli Reading Program is the ultimate early learning platform incorporating reading, comprehension and grammar activities in an easy to use fun format. Early learners find the activities relevant and engaging encouraging them to read quickly and competently. As each reading sheet is supported with comprehension and grammar activities it is unique and very different to other programs. There are examples shown of each level and also a complete level to try for free.
So what do you have to lose? Try the Joli Reading Program.

“All of the JP classes use the program. It provides a solid consistent program where children quickly feel success at reading.”
— Woodcroft Primary School

Joil Reading Program for Children

  • Children are driven by success through the structure of the program
  • Enables children to read with confidence and success at a young age
  • Develops comprehension and cognitive skills
  • Structurally introduces basic sight vocabulary essential to reading success
  • Introduces and reinforces the basic grammar skills
  • Activities are varied capturing children’s interest and enthusiasm
  • Parents like this program as they see structure and consistent progress
  • Teachers love this program as it enables them to deliver a literacy program that encompasses all aspects of reading, phonics, grammar and writing
  • Reading sheets are interesting and relevant to children’s own experiences
  • Certificate at the completion of each level
  • Flashcards reinforce sight vocabulary introduced at the lower levels
  • Games reinforce nouns which are introduced in the lower levels.
Reading Program - Blue Series Click to View Joli Reading Program Activity Cards


Joli Reading Program for Children

I first used this program with my son who needed extra assistance with all aspects of language development. I found that his reading and comprehension improved really quickly and easily. He is now able to do creative writing and is reading at level 22. I had been told he would never reach this level. I am now using the program with students in my classroom who have additional needs in language development.

April 29, 2015

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