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Information for Parents

The Joli Reading Program is an innovative program that caters to all children. It is a completely rounded package, providing reading material, comprehension and grammar related activities. Anyone can teach children to read using this program.

There are:

  1. Clear instructions at the beginning of the reading program
  2. All newly introduced words at the conclusion of the program
  3. All new vocabulary clearly listed
  4. Achievement certificate at the conclusion of each level

The program itself enables children to progress at their own pace. Each sheet builds on the previous one allowing children the opportunity to master each new word. These words are further reinforced in the comprehension and activity sheets. In this way helping children to develop an in–depth understanding of what they are reading.

Each level of the program provides slightly more complex text and activities.

By the time children are reading levels 8 and 9 they will have all the skills necessary to be independent readers, and should be confident enough to read simple novels suitable to their age group.

The program not only helps children with their reading and understanding, it also assists with developing positive, strong sentence structure as well as helping them to remember full–stops, question marks and capital letters.

This program is suitable for all primary age groups although most children commence it upon reaching school age. However if children are keen and interested it can be used before beginning school.