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The information provided is to assist both educators and parents with selecting the right series and level of the Joli Reading Program.

These levels of the Joli Reading Program are the equivalent of the PM Benchmark levels

Joli Reading Red Series PM Benchmark
Pre-reading Level 1 – 2
Level one Level 2 – 3
Level two Level 3 – 4
Level three Level 4 – 6
Level four Level 7 – 8
Level five Level 9 – 12
Level six Level 13 – 16
Level seven Level 17 – 19
Level eight Level 20 – 24
Level nine Level 25 – 30
  • Although these levels are approximately what students will be reading at the completion of each level they are based on actual measurements taken over several years.
  • Children do learn at an individual pace and so levels cannot be more specific as some children will make quicker progress than others.
  • Students with a language delay will generally move forward at a slower rate but the program is such that they will gain from the frequent use of high contact vocabulary and the structured nature of the material.
  • The program has been created in such a way that students who need longer on a particular level can move to the same level of a different series. Eg. Red –Blue, or Blue –Red.
  • The Green series is very suited to students with language learning difficulties and also EAL students who are learning English as an additional language.
  • Upon completion of level nine of the reading program most students will be ready to read appropriate novels such as ‘Aussie Bites’

For Educators

There are many different ways to assess which level students should begin reading at.

  • If a child has just commenced school they should begin reading at the pre-reading level
  • If changing schools it would be beneficial to assess students prior to beginning the reading program.
  • Children learn in a variety of different ways. Educators can choose from any of the 3 series to provide the best learning style for individual students.

Assessment methods:

  • BART reading test
  • SA spelling test Test#scribd
  • PM Benchmark
  • Running records
  • Many schools have their own standardised internal assessments. It would be advisable to check what your school uses.

For Parents

  • When deciding what level your children should be reading choose a book or a reading sheet:
  • If your child is reading confidently with no mistakes then proceed to a higher level.
  • If your child makes more than six mistakes go down to a lower level.
  • Anywhere in between should be the correct level.