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Green Series – Complete


The Green Series of the Joli Reading Program is the ultimate early learning platform to help young  students learn to read. It is comprised of 8 levels of text beginning with pre-reading. There are many illustrations to assist students with new and difficult words and each reading page is supported with comprehension and grammar activities to further assist student understanding.

This series is ideal for students from a Non-English speaking background and also for students who have difficulties with word recognition.



Joli Reading Green SeriesGet ready to read using the Joli Reading Program.

The Green Series of the program encourages students to learn to read at their own pace. It provides deep motivation for students to want to be successful through progressive steps that assist with cognitive development.

This series of the program is a real breakthrough to learning to read. It incorporates reading, comprehension and grammar within a framework of locally based learning activities.

This program teaches students to read at a steady consistent pace. It has many illustrations to help students identify new or unknown words and the activities assist with comprehension, sentence structure and learning a new language. This series is suitable for all students but is specifically helpful for students with special needs and EAL students.

If a student has specific literacy learning needs you can’t go past the Green Series. It really does cater to the needs of all children and provides the opportunity for success in reading. Check it out and try it for yourself.