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I have spoken to Joan and given her feedback on the Joli program.  I have worked with students who have struggled with reading and had great success with it.  The teachers here who have used Joli love the program.


Hi Liz,
Your program was recommended by a Down’s Syndrome SA consultant. As I said, I think its great and I wouldn’t mind you using my comment as a testimonial at all (I would prefer it was deidentified though, if that’s OK).
Like you, I am passionate about education & if my thoughts will help someone help a child then I’m all for it!

I am just wondering what level/series would be suitable for a reader who is currently around a level 12-13. I really like the Joli programme and currently they have progressed really slow with typical levelled readers and I would like to transfer them over to Joli.

Regards, Susannah

I first used this program with my son who needed extra assistance with all aspects of language development. I found that his reading and comprehension improved really quickly and easily. He is now able to do creative writing and is reading at level 22. I had been told he would never reach this level. I am now using the program with students in my classroom who have additional needs in language development.

My son learnt to read using the Joli Reading Program. I was concerned when we moved and changed schools that the new school wouldn’t use the program, but luckily for us they did and now L**** is reading confidently and independently. He is now steaming ahead in all curriculum areas and I’m sure this is as a result of the excellent literacy start he had. Thank you for introducing us to Joli.

Amanda Phillips (SA)

“All of the JP classes use the program. It provides a solid consistent program where children quickly feel success at reading.” “Why wouldn’t you use the program. It is all done for you. All I have to do is present it.”

—Woodcroft Primary School

“The Joli Reading Program was the only thing that helped my son read. No-one seemed to care that he could not grasp or understand letters or words. Liz suggested the Joli Program and we have never looked back. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend the program to all parents who want their children to be successful readers.”

—Tracy Richardson (Parent)

“We were involved at the beginning of Joli. Our daughter was having difficulties with learning to read and she had no interest in reading. As soon as she started using the Joli, she began looking forward to reading and doing the activities. She even began asking when it was time to begin reading. She would not read her school reader and showed not prior interest in reading. The program gave her confidence and enthusiasm for reading.

The thing that caught her imagination were the activities combined with the pictures. It gave her something to look forward to doing after reading. It was a form of reward for reading and she really enjoyed doing it. Her reading improved steadily. Now she is a confident and competent reader. Thank you Joli”

—Jackie Smith (Parent)